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Version 2.2-nocoor, Last change: March 30, 2021; Author: Carlos Rodrigo

1. Introduction
2. Download
    2.1. Extract
    2.2. Permissions
3. The files
4. Example
5. Configure
    5.1. First
    5.2. Project
    5.3. Mysql
    5.4. Web
    5.5. VO options
    5.6. Fields
    5.7. Photometry
    5.8. Search Opts.
    5.9. File Paths
    5.10. Scripts
    5.11. Registry
    5.12. Spectra
    5.13. Links
    5.14. References
6. Edit
7. Web Design
    7.1. style.css
    7.2. Colors
    7.3. header.php
    7.4. footer.php
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Contact us at and we will send you a gzipped tar file SVOCat.tar.gz (~ 0.5Mb).

Extract the files

You need to unpack the SVOCat.tar.gz in a directory within the web server.

If you have no idea about what this means or how to do it, you maybe should contact your system or your web administrator. Nevertheless, we will give you here some tips about it (most of the examples correspond to a linux installation, but you can translate them to the corresponding ones for any other system).

For instance, a typical path for the Apache web root directory is /var/www/.

You can go to some directory within that path, for instance /var/www/catalogues/ and unpack the SVOCat.tar.gz there:

First you probably need to create some directory to host the data. We call it catalogues (you can choose the name that you wish).

> cd /var/www/
> sudo mkdir catalogues
> sudo chown carlos:carlos catalogues

where you should use your own username instead of "carlos". Now the catalogues folder exists and it belongs to you.

Now you can move the SVOCat.tar.gz file to that folder and unpack it.

> mv SVOCat.tar.gz /var/www/catalogues/
> cd /var/www/catalogues/
> tar xvfz SVOCat.tar.gz

it will generate a directory named SVOCat containing all the files and you will probably want to rename it as you wish. For instance, let's assume that you rename it as exfitlers (we will use this name in what follows, but you can choose any name that you want).

The absolute path for your SVOCat installation (the place in your computer where the files are located) will be:


And, assuming that your server main URL is, the root URL for your catalogue (the web address for accesing it) will be:

We will asume in this documentation (when we need to refer to them) that these ones are the absolute path for your files and the root url for your catalogue.

When you unpack you will get a fresh installation of SVOCat with several files and directories:

A detailed description of the most important files and folders will be given in another section.

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