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Some astronomical catalogues offer spectra either as the main product (as in spectral libraries) or together with other object properties.

In our small example catalogue we have one spectrum for each object. Each spectrum is an ascii file with two columns:

  • 1st column: wavelength in Angstrom.
  • 2nd column: normalized flux

For each spectrum we have a PNG file with a plot of the spectrum.

The name of each file is $filename0.txt for the ascii spectrum and $filename0.png for the plot. All the files are in the spectra folder.

where $filename0 is the object name without blank spaces and we have kept these names in the "filename0" column of our database table.

First, we need to tell SVOCat what spectra we want to offer, how to get the original files and what formats we want to make available.

For each of these spectra, we should give information about some important properties (if we can).

and, what is even more important, describe the spectrum columns, units, etc.

Once we have all this, the right URL to access one spectrum would be, for object "2MASSI J0328426%2B230205":

  • VOTable:
  • ASCII:

and the SSA implementation in SVOCat will generate the right output in the specified format (VOTables will be generated from the original ascii files).

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