SVOCat Documentation

Version 2.01, October 2020, author: Carlos Rodrigo

1. Introduction
2. Download
    2.1. Extract
    2.2. Permissions
3. The files
4. Example
5. Configure
    5.1. First
    5.2. Project
    5.3. Mysql
    5.4. Web
    5.5. VO options
    5.6. Fields
    5.7. Photometry
    5.8. Search Opts.
    5.9. File Paths
    5.10. Scripts
    5.11. Registry
    5.12. Spectra
    5.13. Links
    5.14. References
6. Web Design
    6.1. style.css
    6.2. Colors
    6.3. header.php
    6.4. footer.php
7. Extra tips
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Web page design

You can use this application as it is once you have configured it. The main web texts and logos can be changed through the administrative interface so that it reflects the main characteristics of your project.

But, in any case, we have tried to make the web page design as simple and structured as possible so that it's not difficult to change it as you need.

The page layout is composed by 5 main layers:

  • Header: the top layer, containing title and subtitle.
  • Menu: a thin layer below the header. It contains the web page menu.
  • Logos: a layer containing the logos. It is positioned over the header and menu layers, on the top right corner of the page.
  • Main: this is the area where the main content of the page is located. Depending on the menu item selected, the homepage, news, documentation or data retrieval pages are shown here.
  • SVOCat footer: this is a thin layer shown at the bottom of the page. It displays a link to SVOCat.

If you want to customize the look and feel of the web page you can do it just by editing the files available in the "style" folder. In order to do this you will probably need some knowledge about CSS and even a little PHP (depending on what you want to change). We will give here some tips about it.

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