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Version 2.01, October 2020, author: Carlos Rodrigo

1. Introduction
2. Download
    2.1. Extract
    2.2. Permissions
3. The files
4. Example
5. Configure
    5.1. First
    5.2. Project
    5.3. Mysql
    5.4. Web
    5.5. VO options
    5.6. Fields
    5.7. Photometry
    5.8. Search Opts.
    5.9. File Paths
    5.10. Scripts
    5.11. Registry
    5.12. Spectra
    5.13. Links
    5.14. References
6. Web Design
    6.1. style.css
    6.2. Colors
    6.3. header.php
    6.4. footer.php
7. Extra tips
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File Paths

In principle, this section is only important if you are going to populate the database starting with a CSV file and you want SVOCat to generate scripts to make it easier for you.

If this is the case you only have to write here the computer path to the folder containing the CSV file or files (if there are several .csv files in that folder, all of them will be considered).

By default the .csv files should be in the "work/" folder in your SVOCat installation. When you download and unpack SVOCat you will find a file excat2.csv in that folder. But you can put the files in a different folder and write its full path here.

(in this case, the value for the path is somewhere in my computer, you should change it to somewhere in YOUR computer).

Remember that this path (and the .csv files in the directory) must be readable by the Apache web server. We recommend you to put the csv files in the work/ directory that comes with the SVOCat distribution.

If you have created the database by your own means, you can ignore this configuration section.

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