The SVO archive of asteroids in the WFCAM Transit Survey

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Web access

The archive system implements a very simple search interface that permits queries by coordinates and radius as well as by other parameters of interest. The user can also select the maximum number of results to return (with values from 10 to unlimited).

The result of the query is a HTML table with all the sources found in the archive fulfilling the search conditions. Information on the output fields can be obtained placing the mouse over the question mark (?) close to the name of the column. The archive implements the SAMP (Simple Application Messaging) protocol. SAMP allows Virtual Observatory applications to communicate with each other in a seamless and transparent way for the user. This way, the results of a query can be easily transferred to other VO applications by just clicking the "Send table to VO Apps" button.

Take into account that the number of displayed columns depends on the chosen verbosity.

Most of the catalogue fields can be used to sort the list of results clicking in the corresponding column header.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a query by magnitudes, color, name, number, etc?
  • Click "Reset".
  • Fill in the appropriate boxes in the "additional search fields".
  • Mark the "Don't use coordinates as search criterion" checkbox if you don't want to restrict by coordinates (or uncheck it otherwise).
  • Click "Search"
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