The SVO-JPLUS archive of ultracool dwarfs

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The SVO-JPLUS archive of ultracool dwarfs:

This data server provides access to 210 candidate ultracool dwarfs identified using J-PLUS (IDR201709) and the Virtual Observatory.

Detailed information on the identification and characterization of these objects is available at Solano et al. 2019.



The SVO-JPLUS archive of ultracool dwarfs has been developed in the framework of the Spanish Virtual Observatory project supported by the Spanish MINECO/FEDER through grant AyA2014-55216 and ASTERICS, a project supported by the European Commission Framework Programme Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation action under grant agreement n. 653477. The system is maintained by the Data Archive Unit of the CAB (CSIC -INTA).

If you use this service in your research, please cite Solano et al. 2019 and include the following acknowledgement in any resulting publications: "Based on data from the SVO-JPLUS archive of ultracool dwarfs at CAB (CSIC-INTA)".

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