SiO catalog towards 67 O-rich stars

61 maser lines from J=1-0 to 5-4

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SiO catalog towards 67 O-rich stars: 61 maser lines from J=1-0 to 5-4

This catalog includes the reduced observations of a survey towards 67 oxygen-rich stars from 7 to 1 mm, in their rotational transitions from J=1→0 to J=5→4, for vibrational numbers v from 0 to 6 in the three main SiO isotopologues: 28SiO, 29SiO, and 30SiO.

The survey was made using one of the 34m NASA antennas at Robledo de Chavela and the IRAM 30m radio telescope at Pico Veleta.

All rotational transitions from all the vibrational levels were observed almost simultaneously, with a time spread of few days to some weeks. This database is potentially useful in future models where most of the physical agents involved in the maser emission, time dependency, and mass-loss rates, may be considered.

The catalog contains 458 spectra of 67 stars. Each spectrum includes from 3 to 14 SiO lines and eventually some of the bonus thermal lines. A total of 4716 individual lines were observed, from the three isotopologues.

As a by-product, the survey provides 27 bonus thermal rotational lines from other molecules, including some isotopologues of SiS, H2S, SO, SO2, and NaCl.

See Rizzo et al. 2021 for complete information about the observations and detections.



This archive has been developed in the framework of the Spanish Virtual Observatory project supported by the Spanish MINECO/FEDER through grant AyA2017-84089. The system is maintained by the Data Archive Unit of the CAB (CSIC -INTA).

Data have been gathered with support of the following grants: ESP2017-86582-C4-1-R and PID2019- 105552RB-C41 (Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación), and ERC Synergy grant ERC-2013-Syg-610256-NANOCOSMOS.

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