Catalogue of Galactic PNe

New and updated catalogue of Galactic PNe

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Catalogue of Galactic PNe: New and updated catalogue of Galactic PNe

This data server provides access to a new and updated catalogue of Galactic PNe, compiled by Aller et al. (2015, in prep).

It contains 2951 confirmed, possible and probable Galactic PNe as well as 121 misclassified PNe in the literature. It has been built up gathering data from already published catalogues and works.

The catalogue provides information about the common PN name, the official IAU PNG designation, when exists, the equatorial and galactic coordinates, as well as some of the most relevant information available in the original catalogues. The catalogue also provides photometric data in different bands from the 2MASS, SDSS DR9 and UCAC4 surveys, when available, as well as proper motion information from PPMXL survey. A flag column is also included (where applicable) to indicate the reliability of the detection. Finally, the catalogue offers direct access to the corresponding simbad page for each object.



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