The online archive of Herbig Ae/Be stars

The HArchiBe project.

Herbig Ae/Be (HAeBe) objects are intermediate-mass (~ 2-12 M⊙) young stars (<~ 10 Myr) surrounded by gas and dust circumstellar disks. HAeBes have very special characteristics. On the one hand, their stellar masses and temperatures are in between those of low-mass T Tauri stars and high-mass young stellar objects. Therefore, HAeBes physical properties are crucial to bridge the gap between low- and high-mass star formation. On the other hand, HAeBes are surrounded by relatively large and bright protoplanetary disks. Recent advances in high resolution observational techniques are allowing us to spatially resolve those disks, which are excellent laboratories to understand how planetary systems form.

This project aims to contribute to our understanding of HAeBes, with particular focus on the above mentioned topics: the link between low- and high-mass star formation and the role of HAeBes in planet formation. The core of the project is HArchiBe, the online archive of HAeBe stars. This includes homogeneously derived stellar and circumstellar parameters for most of such objects known to date. The archive will be updated with new HAeBes discovered mainly thanks to new data provided by the Gaia observatory.

This project is funded by Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain) through a "Talento" Fellowship (2016-T1/TIC-1890, PI I. Mendigutía)