First detection of silicon-bearing molecules in η Car

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First detection of silicon-bearing molecules in η Car

This data server provides access to beam-averaged, reduced ALMA spectra of SiO J=5-4, SiS J=12-11, SiN N=5-4, 13CO J=2-1 and 13CN N=2-1 toward twelve molecular clumps that surround eta* Carina. The catalogue contains a total of 84 spectra, corresponding to seven rotational lines observed in twelve positions. The spectra are provided as FITS files, in the original flux-density scale, cropped between (-150,+150) km/s and baseline-subtracted. See Bordiu et al 2022 for context and further details. For reproducibility of the modelling results presented in the paper, the catalogue also includes the MADCUBA outputs in VOTable format as a by-product.



If you use this service in your research, please cite Bordiu et al 2022 and include the following acknowledgement in any resulting publications:

"Based on data from the SVO archive of "First detection of silicon-bearing molecules in η Car". The archive has been developed at CAB (INTA-CSIC) in the framework of the Spanish Virtual Observatory ( project funded by MCIN/AEI/10.13039/501100011033/ through grant PID2020-112949GB-I00".
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