Astronomical filters

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Johnson_UBVRIJHKL.UJohnson UBVRIJHKL, U filter3531.053570.653511.89683.73657.00ASCIIPlot (Johnson)
Johnson_UBVRIJHKL.BJohnson UBVRIJHKL, B filter4427.134378.384382.771011.111011.70ASCIIPlot (Johnson)
Johnson_13col.37Johnson 13 colors 37 filter3749.153774.763745.9889.65133.35ASCIIPlot (Mitchell)
Johnson_13col.40Johnson 13 colors 40 filter4033.774046.894026.03200.89239.76ASCIIPlot (Mitchell)
Johnson_13col.35Johnson 13 colors 35 filter3540.173536.993536.4494.30132.16ASCIIPlot (Mitchell)
Bessell.BBessell B generic filter4400.004360.004371.07800.00900.00ASCIIPlot
Johnson.UJohnson U generic filter3531.053570.653511.89683.73657.00ASCIIPlot
Johnson.BJohnson B generic filter4430.424378.124390.08976.43972.69ASCIIPlot
Bessell.UBessell U generic filter3605.073663.613584.77652.84640.40ASCIIPlot
Stromgren.vStromgren v generic filter4109.394110.374105.46200.00223.98ASCIIPlot

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